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State’s Sports Policy 2014-2020

Date: 2014 May 12


State’s Sports Policy 2014-2020On 4th April, the Government of Georgia adopted (4 April, 2014. Decree No.: 601. Tbilisi, Georgia) the "State's Sport Policy 2014-2020" document, initiated by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia.

According to the document, the State is obliged to involve sport in the service of community and provide successful use of its recreational and educational functions, to promote the establishment of sport on proper institutional basis and its positive effect on financial-economic system functioning, as an important segment of economy.

See the document: "State's Sports Policy 2014-2020" (English version)

After the adoption of the "State's Sport Policy Document" the stakeholders will to draft an Action Plan, which should include three main directions:

1.      Reconstruction and construction of sports infrastructure;
2.      Promotion of sport education and science (including sports medicine);
3.      Preparation of a legal framework for sports regulation.

Attached Documents:
State Sport Policy of Georgia ENG