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State’s Youth Policy Document

Date: 2011 January 14


State’s Youth Policy Document

28th March 2014, Tbilisi (MSY) --- Government of Georgia approved revised text of the "State's Youth Policy Document" (Decree N 553, 4 April 2014) at the meeting on March 28, 2014.

The following stakeholders were involved in the revision of the state's youth policy: ministries, parliament of Georgia, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and United Nations Children Fund (NICEF). This process was initiated by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia.

Thus, the main aim of the state's youth policy is to promote the creation of the proper environment for the comprehensive development of the young persons, where they will be able to fully realize their potential and involve actively in all aspects of society.

To achieve this goal, youth policy provides following priorities:

  • Youth Participation in social, economic, cultural and political activities;
  • Promotion of youth education, employment and mobility;
  • Health;
  • Special Support and protection.


Download State's Youth Policy Document approved by the Government of Georgia approved on 4 April, 2014  (English version).


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State`s Youth Policy Document approved by the Government of Georgia on 4 April, 2014