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Students' Days 2013

Date: 2013 April 26

Official Opening Ceremony: “Students’ Days 2013”Georgia, Tbilisi. April, 14. (MSY) --- Official opening ceremony of the one-month youth festival "Students' Days 2013 against drugs" was held at the "Vake Park". The festival is initiated by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgian and it is expected that about 1000 students throughout the country will take part in the program.

"Students' Days 2013" is a one month festival (ends on 24 May, 2013), which is being held in several cities of Georgia: Tbilsii, Zugdidi, Telavi, Kutaisi and Batumi. In the frames of the festival students from the different universities compete each other (individual and teams' competitions) in sport, cultural and educational contests.

The aim of the youth festival is to promote healthy lifestyle, students individual and teams' skills and abilities.

Sports competitions include: volleyball, bowling, street ball, cliff-climbing, billiard, Para basketball, arm-wrestling, cycling, paintball, water polo and rifting, athletics,

Educational contests - intellectual game "What? Where? When?"; Debates;  "City Game" and "Public Orator".

Cultural events - folk and modern dances, vocal competitions, etc.

About 1000 students from 43 universities will take part in the "Students' Day 2013 against drugs". The organizer of the youth festival is the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia".

Agenda of the "Students' Days 2013 against drugs"

15 April, 11:00 - Bowling ("Tbilisi Central")
“Students’ Days 2013”, Bowling16 April, 11:00 - Arm-wrestling (Sports Complex "Arena", Tbilisi.)
22 April, 11:00
- Billiard ("Tbilisi Central")
25 April, 17:00
- Para Basketball ("Basketball Academy", Tbilisi)
26 April, 11:00
- Volleyball (Tbilisi, "Turtle Lake")
26 April, 18:00
- Theatric performances, humor sketches. Round 1 ("Technical University of Georgia, Administrative Building" Tbilisi)
28 April, 18:00
- Folk and modern music competitions. Round 1 (Tbilisi State Medical University)
30 April, 12:0
0 - Intellectual Game "What? Where? When?" (Tbilisi State Medical University)

1 May, 18:00 Folk and modern dances contest, Round 1, (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Event Hall)
10 May, 11:00
- City Game, (Old city surroundings, Tbilisi)
11 May, 18:00
- Folk and modern dances, Round 2. (Vaja-Pshavela State Theater, Telavi city)
12 May, 12:00 - Paintball ("Paintball Club", Tskneti)
14 May, 14:00 - "Public Orator" contest (National University of Georgia, Event Hall. Tbilisi)
15 May, 18:00 - Theatrical Performances, Round 2. ("Iveria" Event Hall, Tskaltubo city)
16 May, 15:00 - National sports competitions (Vake Park, Tbilisi)
17 May, 18:00
  - Music bands contest (Shalva Dadiani State Theater, Zugdidi)
18 May, 14:00
- Debates (University of Georgia, auditory #701. Tbilisi)
19 May, 12:00
- Water polo matches ("Laguna" water poll, Tbilisi)
20 May, 14:00
- Cliff-climbing (Technical University of Georgia, Administrative Building. Tbilisi)
21 May, 18:00
- Folk and Modern music competition. Round 2. (Art and Music's Center, Batumi)
24 May, 19:00 -
Closing Ceremony of "Studnets' Days 2013 against drugs". Photo and art exhibition (Tbilisi Event Hall).

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by PR Division, Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia (MSY)