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Date: 2012 June 18

Youth is the most important resource of the country, without development of which it is impossible the existence of strong and prosperous country

After the \"Rose Revolution\" on Georgia attitude towards youth has completely changed. In recent years significant step was made for development of youth, their involvement in current events and increasing their role in social and political life. In particular employment of youth, gaining high education. Today young people are involved in decision making process, which is clearly visible in various areas of social life. One of the best example is active school and student self government for what the background was prepared from the state. It should be noted that many young people are various public service employees.

Establishment of the ministry of sport and youth affairs is the most important step from government which was taken for the promotion of youth development. Creation of the ministry was the new chapter in relations of government and youth.

Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia is main execution structure in the country in youth policy implementation issue. Its main function is to determine youth policy\'s major directions, to take care of youth as the most important part of the society; to create government programs and to coordinate youth sector effective management

Since the day if its establishment the ministry of sport and youth affairs of Georgia it has been started working on Georgian national youth policy document. Its working version is going through public hearings since September till November 2010 among students, youth, youth organizations and public representatives. Working on this document is open process and ministry suggests all interested people to be involved in the review and development process.

Ministry is working hard on regional and young people development in rural areas. n terms of this it has already been established 8 regional resource centre which are oriented on employment of young people leaving in regions also gaining non formal education.

Ministry of sport and youth affairs of Georgia supports youth initiatives. Since the day of its creation ministry has already approved lots of initiatives which was aimed towards youth development

The Ministry is also actively involved in international youth activities. The Ministry participated in many international events, which are aimed to find common interests and joint planning activities in partner countries. The Ministry is also actively involved in the European Union, United Nations, the Eastern Partnership cooperation of youth activities.