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Fostering students’ self-governments

Date: 2013 November 12


The program is initiated by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia in 2013, and it aims to support the students' self-governments in developing a united approach for self-governance in universities. This system will meet international criteria. Objectives of the program include establishment of a unite structure for students' self-government, based on the same principles; adoption of a strategy for promotion self-governance; definition of the role and the responsibilities of self-governance in the states and private universities.

In the framework of the program, special working groups represented by students were set up earlier this year. There are

  • Working group on relations with students;
  • Working group on relations with administrations;
  • Working group on structure of self-governance;
  • Working group on declaration of students' rights.


The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs has initiated the series of study tours for the members of the working groups. For today the representatives had business visits to Estonia (city of Tartu) and Germany (city of Saarland). They have got the information and shared the best practices of the European countries' experience in the relevant fields.

The working groups are responsible for preparation of recommendations and action plan in order to promote students' self-government in Georgia.