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Supporting integration of persons with special needs into society

Date: 2013 November 15


One of the main priorities of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia is to support and promote integration process of persons with special needs into society. In this regard, the Ministry implements several programs and projects.


Database of youth persons with special needs

The Ministry is developing a database, which will include detailed information about youngsters with disabilities living in Georgia. The database will provide information on needs, hobbies, interests and other related issues of young persons with special needs. This database will provide opportunities to develop concrete initiatives and programs to meet the needs of the youngsters.


Flash-mob: protecting rights of persons with disabilities

June 14, 2013. Georgia, Tbilisi. On the international day of protection rights of persons with disabilities, the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia has supported organization of a flash-mob with participation of youngster with disadvantages. The event took place in front of the "Rustaveli" underground station. The event was organized by the Coalition "For independent life" and NGO "Movement for accessible environment". This was the first time a flash-mob with participation of the youngsters with disabilities was organized in Georgia.

Theater performances

The only theater of blind people was established in Tbilisi, in 1997. The theater employs blind and persons with weak eye. The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia support the activities of the theater. On June 28, 2013 performance "Save our soles" with participation of blind youngsters was played.

Sport and leisure

The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs (MSY) promote participation of youngsters with special needs in sports activities and leisure. In partnership with the Georgia's National Federation of Mountain Climbing and Paralympics Committee of Georgia, the Ministry organizes different sports activities, tours and tournaments for young persons.

International participation

MSY promotes and supports participation of local youngsters with disabilities in international activities. On 26-30 April, 2013 with support of MSY young persons from Georgia participated in "International Smiling Child Festival 2013".